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This is an extremely unique machine that cleans the finest fabrics, without the chance of harming anything. It serves gentle foam, using soft brushes and a strong vacuum for extraction. This process is the safest and most effective. In fact, most upholstery care instructions recommend using our process..


Here's How Our Low Moisture System Works;

A) Container for special liquid detergent

B) Exhaust air from electric motor travels to -

C) Where it mixes with detergent to produce low moisture foam

D) Dirt-dissolving foam rushes to -

E) Brush head.

F) Nozzle of powerful vacuum removes dirt-laden foam from fabric

G) Foam with dirt held in suspension arrives in dirt receptacle tank after passing
through -

H) The filter.

The cleaning cycle is completed.

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Fast Drying Upholstery and Leather Cleaning Company in Palm Beach FL Offer Discount Rates.

The DRY FOAM EXTRACTION SYSTEM is the only process that uses a machine for cleaning LEATHER. Other systems clean leather by hand, not being able to extract the dirt, like we can. Again our safe detergent & soft brushes can’t harm the leather. It beautifies the leather to its fullest. After cleaning, a conditioner is applied to replenish any oils lost in the cleaning process.

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